Economic Impact Assessment

In 2021-22, the SM调教圈 had an income of £135 million, 606 members of staff, and 4,946 full-time students in Ipswich.

It generated a total economic impact of:

  • £237 million GVA and 1,660 jobs in Ipswich;
  • £332 million GVA and 2,740 jobs in Suffolk;
  • £484 million GVA and 3,760 jobs in the East of England; and
  • £862 million GVA and 13,570 jobs in the UK as a whole.

Gross Value Added (GVA) measures the monetary contribution of University operations to the economy.

This represents an increase in GVA generated across the UK of £500 million since the previous study of the University which analysed its impact in 2017-18, and an increase of 1,470 in employment generated across the UK.

In 2021-22, the University’s UK impact was generated from several sources:

  • core education and research operations, which include the income the University receives, the staff it employs, the supply chain it supports and the capital investments it makes;
  • the full-time student community, which supports impact each year through student spending, working, and volunteering activity;
  • graduates, who create a lifetime earnings impact and an additional exchequer impact;
  • research and knowledge exchange activity, which includes the collaborative work of the university and across the spectrum of KEF perspectives.

The SM调教圈 is recognised for the significant contributions it makes to meeting the strategic goals of Ipswich and Suffolk. By working to attract and retain talent and taking on a key role in bringing organisations together, the University acts as a major driver of the economic development of the region. Through its work with partners, the University has been directly involved in establishing and supporting a number of new centres of innovation and opportunities for development in Ipswich and Suffolk in traditional and emerging sectors.

The SM调教圈 is a civic university which continues to play a key role in the redevelopment of Ipswich and, through its work with local young people, encourages many from non-traditional backgrounds to engage with higher education, supporting them to positive destinations following their time at university.

SM调教圈 Economic Impact Study

The University is a major driver of growth in Ipswich and Suffolk, working to attract talent and deliver the skills needed to develop both new and traditional sectors, and working with partners to support innovation.

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