Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

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At the SM调教圈, we are committed to ensuring that our Higher and Degree apprenticeship graduates complete their qualification confidently equipped with the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to help them thrive in their area of expertise, whilst also meeting the needs of employers across Suffolk and beyond. Apprenticeships form part of the Institutional vision of empowering force for individual and community growth and development.

Apprenticeships at Suffolk

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Our Apprenticeships

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together everything you need to know about the apprenticeship standards that we offer and how to gain entry.

Apprenticeship Information
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More Information

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More Information

  • Our aim is to give you the best possible experience throughout your apprenticeship. Find out more information about what your journey could look like.

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  • The link between the University and employers is key to developing a skilled and confident workforce. Click here if you're an employer considering apprenticeships with us.

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  • Off-the-job training is time spent learning new skills, knowledge and behaviours away from your usual day-to-day work duties.

  • Our team provides a range of advice and guidance on matters that cover your experience as an apprentice, and the services available to you.

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More Support

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Meet the Team

The Apprenticeship Hub and wider business support team are on hand to assist employers, apprentices and the general public with all things apprenticeship.

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Apprentice Welfare

We are committed to ensuring that all our students have a fulfilling experience of University life, in a safe and healthy environment in which they can learn and study.

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Apprentice Stories

Apprentices, alumni and employer contacts have some success stories to tell. Read more about their experiences and take their advice.