Our dynamic research community

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The SM调教圈 is very proud to be home to a vibrant and dynamic research community with a range of specialist academic expertise.

Our current research priorities focus on our areas of distinctiveness:

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Sustainability

  • Digital Futures

  • Crime and Social Justice

  • Culture and Heritage

  • Excellence in Education  

In a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised world, our research is agile, responsive, collaborative, and grounded in robust scientific and ethical approaches. Supported by our Research Institutes and Centres, research at the SM调教圈:

  • Significantly contributes to scientific, medical and technological innovation and solutions;

  • Evidences and informs key policy debates and developments; and

  • Actively challenges social injustice and inequality.

As a student-centred university, all our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are underpinned by high-quality applied, professional, and practice-led research. We have a thriving multi-disciplinary Doctoral College, which works collaboratively with our four academic schools and offers a range of new opportunities for PhD study supported by senior academics.

The SM调教圈’s vision is to be a strong community impact university. We are very proud that our research is having significant impact on the economic, cultural and educational lives of the communities we serve regionally, nationally and internationally.

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A student sitting in a seminar with a laptop
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Parents and students sitting in a lecture theatre
Dr Manos Georgiadis at the Research and Public Engagement Conference- SM调教圈
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Our People

Professor Emma Bond

Professor Emma Bond is Pro Vice-Chancellor Research & Knowledge Exchange and Professor of Socio-Technical Research at the SM调教圈.

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Sue Raychaudhuri

Sue is responsible for all research engagement activities and research governance within the Research Directorate.

Sue Raychaudhuri 2

Andreea Tocca

Andreea is Head of Research Development.

Andreea Tocca staff profile photo

Stephen Walford

Stephen is the Head of Research Management in the Research Office, responsible for delivering a responsive and efficient research grants and funding service.

Sam Pryor

Sam supports the Research Directorate (RD) as the聽Research Systems Administrator and joined in April 2023.

Sam Pryor staff profile photo

Lucy Williamson

Lucy supports the Research Directorate team at the SM调教圈, providing administrative support for the Research Institutes.

Lucy Williamson staff profile photo

Professor Miranda Horvath

Professor Horvath is a leading international researcher in the field of forensic psychology, specifically Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Miranda Horvath staff profile photo

Professor Colin R.Martin

Colin is Clinical Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing and Professor of Clinical Psychobiology and Applied Psychoneuroimmunology.

Colin Martin staff profile photo

Professor Valerie Gladwell

Professor Gladwell's research utilises biochemical, physiological, and psychological skills, with a passion for enhancing lifelong health.

Valerie Gladwell staff profile photo

Professor Darryl Newport

Darryl Newport (Professor of Energy and Sustainable Development) is the Director of the Suffolk Sustainability Institute at the SM调教圈, UK.

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Professor Sarah Richards

Sarah was appointed Head of the Suffolk Doctoral College in 2021. Formerly an Associate Dean for Research in the School of Social Science and Humanities.

Sarah Richards 3

Kerri Stevenson

Kerri is our newly appointed Postgraduate Research Academic Coordinator, working within the Suffolk Doctoral College in the Research Directorate team.

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Hazel Sellers

Hazel is Suffolk Doctoral College Coordinator.

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