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We pride ourselves on being a transdisciplinary and collaborative academic community, working together to create new knowledge to transform understandings of society and the world around us.

Our ethos is all about connecting People, Place and Society, especially through strong partnerships with government, social charities and enterprises, and media, cultural and heritage organisations.

As a School, we offer exciting placement opportunities for learners to build their professional and personal confidence, harnessing their knowledge and skills to work with others in exciting and impactful ways. We deliver excellence and innovation in all areas of learning and teaching, research, and knowledge exchange. Subject areas include: Psychology, Law, Sociology and Criminology, Politics, History, English and Creative Writing, Childhood Studies, Education, Counselling and Social Work. The School puts a strong emphasis on graduate employability and equips students with the creative and critical skills they need for career success in the mid-21st century.

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Students sitting in a seminar
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Staff profiles

Professor Brian McCook

Brian is Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Dr Amanda Hodgkinson

Amanda is an award-winning internationally published novelist, journalist and writer.

Amanda Hodgkinson staff profile photo

David James

David is an Associate Professor in Sociology and Course Leader for Sociology with a keen interest in social change, social theory and the study of materiality.

David James staff profile photo

Dr Wendy Lecluyse

Wendy is Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Student Experience and Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies.

Wendy Lecluyse staff profile photo

Dr Michael Sauter

Michael is Associate Professor of History and an historian of early modern Europe, with specialisations in intellectual history and the history of science.

Michael Sauter staff profile photo

Dr Jo Finch

Jo is Professor of Social Work and Post Graduate Research. She's known internationally for her work on practice learning, and writes on PREVENT and social work.

Jo Finch staff profile photo

Professor Sarah Corrie

Professor Sarah Corrie is Professor of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Counselling as well as being the joint Head of Counselling, Psychology and Social Work.

Sarah Corrie 3

Darryn Thompson

Darryn has successfully supported hundreds of early years practitioners in achieving their academic goals, with many going on to become early years teachers.

Darryn Thompson staff profile photo

Dr Rachael Martin

Rachael is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Psychology.

Rachael Martin staff profile photo

Dr Stephen Colman

Stephen聽Colman聽is the course leader for the law programme. He is a Senior Lecturer in Law and a non-practising solicitor with various areas of expertise.

Stephen Colman staff profile photo

Dr Darragh Martin

Darragh is Course Leader, BA (Hons) English and writes novels, plays, and stories for children.

Darragh Martin staff profile photo

Dr Marianna Stella

Marianna is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Education.

Marianna Stella staff profile photo

Dr Duncan Weaver

Duncan is Criminology Course Leader.

Duncan Weaver staff profile photo

Dr Harvey Osborne

Harvey is Course Leader for History at the SM调教圈 and a historian of modern Britain.

Harvey Osborne staff profile photo

Dr Alina Rzepnikowska Phillips

Alina is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Politics and Course Leader for Sociology.

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Sandra Brewer

Sandra currently works in the Student Records Team in her role as an Information Systems Officer and is responsible for supporting data in the student cycle.

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Visiting Academics

In the School of Social Sciences and Humanities we have a number of Visiting Academics that take guest lectures and enhance the learning experience.

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