Community Impact and Engagement

The SM调教圈 has, at the heart of its mission, a responsibility to be a model for a new type of civic university – embedded, influential and a focus of societal and economic change in all the communities it serves.

Our network is reaching out to communities locally and across the globe connecting with people and organisations to create relationships, collaborations and partnerships that can make a real difference.

Our community engagement is about communicating and sharing knowledge, consulting and collaborating with the local community, enriching cultural life and providing a service to our communities. All of our activity should be mutually beneficial both to the public and to the University and complement our primary contribution to society of providing education.

It is important to us that we create a place that is built for the community, as well as for our students and staff to use. This means making sure that our campus complements the local area, is accessible to members of the public, and that local groups and organisations are actively encouraged to make use of the facilities available. To find out about our rooms and facilities and the rates of hire, please email

At the University we very much want to hear what the community wants from us. Contact details can be found on the Get in Touch page

Community Engagement

The SM调教圈 actively engages with its community and is proud to support a number of local initiatives and projects.

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