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Key information about applying for your visa and joining the SM调教圈 as an international Student.

We welcome students from across the globe to the SM调教圈, creating a rich and diverse student community. We have staff across various teams to support your journey from application to enrolment, and ensure you arrive safely in Suffolk, ready to learn.  

As an international student, you will likely require a student visa to study in the UK. The Student Route visa applies to students wishing to study for more than six months in the UK.鈥 

We recommend you review the information on the  regularly to keep up-to-date with changes to UK immigration law and guidance.

Useful information for your visa application 

We have gathered useful information below regarding the process and contact details for the teams who will support you through the admission process.


Our Admissions Officers will support you from your initial application through to issuing your CAS.  

International Advice

Our International Advice team will support you once you have your CAS. They are based on-campus in Suffolk and here to help with your arrival in the UK and throughout your entire student journey.

The Points Based System (PBS) is the UK system for managing migration for non-UK nationals who wish to enter the UK for work or study purposes.  

If you are 17 years old or above and intend to study for a full-time or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme at the SM调教圈, you must apply for an adult Student visa.  

The application form is available on鈥痶he鈥鈥(鲍碍痴滨)鈥痺别产蝉颈迟别. 

You are required to score 70 points to make a Student Route visa application. The points will be based on the following:  


Points type 

Relevant requirements to be met 


Study (must meet all) 

• Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies requirement 
• Course requirement 
• Approved qualification requirement 
• Level of study requirement 
• Place of study requirement 



Financial requirement 



Language requirement 



You may find the following websites useful: 


Any student who applies either from within the UK or overseas to study in the UK under the Student Route of the Points Based System must hold a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from their prospective sponsor (the University). Visit our CAS page to find out what a CAS is and how to secure one.

When you are applying from outside of the鈥疷K, you are not permitted to apply for a visa until six鈥痬onths before your course start date. Visit the for a full overview on student visas. 

The UKVI try to issue visas within three weeks of a visa appointment at an application centre, however at peak periods it can take longer. We encourage you to book a Premium Service visa appointment (i.e. Priority or Super Priority) when completing your online visa application to ensure that you receive the fastest possible outcome on your application.  

You will only be permitted to enter the UK up to one month before the official start date for your course of study, as per your CAS statement.鈥 

If you currently hold a Student鈥痸isa and are starting a course at the SM调教圈, you will not be able to start your course until you have applied for a Student visa for the SM调教圈. You can apply for a Student Route visa if there are 28 days or less between the expiry of your existing Student visa and the start of your new course. If there are more than 28 days, you will need to return to your home country to make your Student visa application. 

As part of your immigration application (if you are applying to stay in the UK for more than six months), you will need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). This is an additional fee which entitles you to free hospital treatment under the National Health Service (NHS). Visit the for more information.  

You will need to complete the online application form. You must include the following documents to support your application: 

  1. A鈥痗urrent valid passport (must be the same passport as stated in your CAS letter);
  2. All previous passports you have used to travel to the UK;
  3. Your CAS Statement letter containing your CAS number;
  4. Original copies鈥痮f any educational documents/certificates that are listed on your CAS statement鈥痚.g. school/college academic certificates from your home country;
  5. Documents to show you have sufficient funding (maintenance and any outstanding fees for first year) including;

a)鈥疊ank statements covering a 28 day period (remember if you are using parents bank statements you must also provide your birth certificate and a letter from them confirming that they are your parents and that they consent to you using their money to study in the UK); and/or 

b)鈥疭cholarship letter (if applicable); and/or 

c)鈥疪eceipts for tuition fees and/or accommodation (if paid) 

  1. Confirmation of your English language ability;
  2. Your biometric details if you are applying from outside the UK;
  3. Recent passport sized photographs鈥(please see the鈥鈥痺ebsite for full details of acceptable photographs);
  4. If鈥痑ny of the above documents are not in English, the original must be sent with a fully certified translation by a professional translator. This translation must include specific information, please see the鈥鈥痺ebsite for full details.

You must provide specified documents with your application as the UKVI will not use any evidence sent in after they have made a decision. Furthermore, the UKVI will not contact you if you do not send the correct documents. If you fail to send the correct documents your visa may be refused.鈥 

Credibility interviews are part of the Student Route visa application process and are used by the Home Office鈥痶o ensure that your reasons for studying in the UK are genuine. Failure to attend a credibility interview without a reasonable explanation being given will result in your visa being refused. 

How does it work? 

  1. If you are applying from overseas, the interview will take place via video link at a鈥鈥痑s stated on the Home Office鈥痗overing letter 
  1. If you are applying from the UK, you may have a Skype interview with a Home Office member of staff or at a centre in the UK.鈥 

All interviews will be conducted in English. 

Your interview may last between 15-60 minutes and a further interview may be required if more information is needed, or to verify something that you have previously said. Once completed, you should request a copy of the interview transcript so that you can keep a record of what you said during the interview. The report of the interview is then sent to the Entry Clearance Officer who will consider it alongside your visa application and supporting documents. 


Questions you may be asked 

These are some typical questions that you may be asked during your Credibility Interview. Please note there are no set questions, and you may be asked additional questions not covered below. 

Q:鈥疻hy do you want to study in the UK? 

Q:鈥疻hy did you choose the SM调教圈? 

Q:鈥疕ave you researched courses provided by other institutions?鈥 

Q:鈥疻hy did you choose your course? 

Q:鈥疕ow is your course assessed? 

Q:鈥疻hat have you studied previously? 

Q:鈥痀ou have previously studied in the UK - why have you chosen to return? 

Q:鈥疕ow will you fund your studies? 

Q:鈥疍o you know what accommodation is available at the university? 

Q:鈥疘s there a distance between the accommodation and your place of study? 

Q:鈥疕ow does the course fit into your career plans? 

Q:鈥疻hat are your plans after you have graduated? 

The interviewer will also be checking your ability to converse in English. If there is any issue with hearing them clearly e.g. the video call connection is poor, you should let the interviewer know鈥痠mmediately鈥痵o they know that it is a technical issue and not that you are unable to understand them. 


Top Tips: 

Try to remain calm and answer the questions in full and as naturally as you can. Some of the questions will be designed to check your English language skills. 

This is your opportunity to show that you have thoroughly researched the SM调教圈 and your course and have thought about how studying here will help you meet your career goals. It is important to provide detailed answers where possible. 

The Entry Clearance Officer will be able to compare your answers with the financial and employment information that you鈥痙eclared鈥痮n your application form. They may also consider your family circumstances and any supporting documents you have provided. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: The Student Route visa applies to students wishing to study for more than six months in the UK. If you already hold a UK visa, please check the terms and expiry date to determine whether it would be valid for study. If you are unsure whether you require a visa to study in the UK, use the UKVI’s online checker.

  • A: Under the current UK visa regulations, students are not permitted to bring dependants on their student visa. This rule does not apply to PhD or other doctorate students (RQF Level 8) or research-based higher degree students. Please find full details on the UK Government website.

  • A: You will be invited to pay your CAS deposit once you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer. You must make a minimum deposit of £3,000 and can pay up to your full first year’s tuition fee. CAS deposits must be made using Flywire – a payment link will be sent to you at the appropriate time.

  • A: Applicants holding an unconditional firm offer will be invited to join CAS Shield via email. Through CAS Shield, you can book your Pre-CAS Interview, upload all relevant documents and go through the CAS sponsorship process. Once the Admissions team are satisfied that they have received all relevant information, they will issue your CAS. Your CAS can only be issued within six months of your course start date.

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