Disability and Wellbeing

The SM调教圈 values diversity in our community and recognises individual academic identities, which includes specific learning needs. We positively welcome applications from people with disabilities.

We are committed to an ethos of development that aims to fully achieve equality of opportunity and access. The University recognises the importance of anticipatory and individualised support mechanisms in enabling all students to achieve their potential and as such will continue to improve and expand provision for students with a disability.

We aim to answer some of the questions you may have about the SM调教圈 and support that is available, whether you are considering it as a place to study, you are an applicant, or you are a current student.

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Disabilities and Support

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Disabilities and Support

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Disabilities and Support

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Disabilities and Support

  • The SM调教圈 aims to create an environment which is accessible for students with any disability.

  • Find out how to apply for DSA, and what you can expect following your application.

  • Student Life Mentors aim to help you make the most of your start at the SM调教圈 or help to redirect you down the line.

  • Find out more about what support and reasonable adjustments the University can provide apprentices with.


The SM调教圈 aims to create an environment which is accessible for students with any disability. This includes specific learning differences, sensory impairment, long-term medical conditions and/or mental health difficulties.

If you have a disability or specific learning need, it is essential that you meet with a member of the disability and wellbeing team as early as possible. We usually recommend鈥痶hat students meet their adviser in the summer before they start their course, to ensure that all support is in place ready for the start of your course.鈥疻ith your input, support arrangements are identified and put in place using a reasonable adjustment agreement. 

You can book an appointment via the Student Centre, their contact details can be found on the Get in Touch page.

At your appointment鈥痑n adviser will complete a reasonable adjustment agreement, support you to apply for DSA and set up any other support plans you may require. If you will need exam concessions or want to make an application for DSA, please bring any medical evidence along to the appointment.鈥 

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Wellbeing Checklist

Be prepared
Log in to your student account to check your timetable and make a start on reading lists. Assignment deadlines are available early, so make sure you put them in your diary at the start of term 

Get organised
If you don't already have a planner or diary, get one!

Visit the SU
They have loads of clubs and societies that you can get involved with

Sign up for Most Active Students 
Exercise is key to a health body and mind

Eat well and stay hydrated
It isn't just your body that needs nourishment - your mind functions much better with the right nutrition 

Make time for rest  
With everything university has to offer, it will be tempting to 'burn the candle at both ends'. However if you regularly miss out on sleep it can lead to exhaustion, lack of sleep and possible mental health problems 

Talk to someone if you are struggling
You are not alone. Try talking to a flatmate or course mate - you might find that you aren't alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you feel you need to talk to a professional, please book an appointment with the Student's Union advice centre or with student service

Support and Advice for Current Students

Did you know that the University also has a range of support embedded? There is various internal support available, and we encourage you to take up this support as and when you need it.

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